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A Adapter Ampule Anemometer Apparel Applicator
  Arsin Aspirator Autoclave    
B Bag Balance Accessory Balance, AND Balance, Mettler Balance, Rayhope®
  Barometers / Weather Forecast Basket Baths, Water Beakers, Glass / Quartz Blender
  Boat Bottles Box Brush Bubbler
  Bucket and Bowl Buret Burner    
C Calorimeter, IKA Cart Catalog Centrifuge Chamber
  Chromatography Clamp & Support Clean Bench Cleaner & Detergent Cleaner&Clean Room
  Condenser Conductivity Connector Container Cork Borer
  Counter Crucible Cryogenic Cutter Cylinder
D Desiccant Desiccator Dish Dispenser Distillation
  DO Meter Dryer      
E Electrical Electrophoresis ESD Product Evaporator Extraction
F Filter Filter Paper Filtration Device Filtration Device, 25mm & 90mm Flask
  Flowmeter Forcep Freezer FT-IR Funnel
  Furnace Furniture Furnitures for Cleanroom Rotameter/Flow Controller  
G Gas Apparatus Gas Purifier Gas Regulator Glass Blowing Glove
  Grease and Lubricant Grid Gun    
H Haematology Heating Histology Homogenizer Hood
  Hotplate / Hotplate Stirrer Accessories Hotplate Stirrer Hydrometer Hygrometer  
I Ice Box Ice Bucket Ice Maker Imhoff Sedimentation System Incubator
J Jar Jar Tester      
L Light Meter        
M Magnifier Mat Material Melting Point Apparatus Microscope
  Microscope Accessories Mill Mixer Moisture Analyzer Mortar
O Oil Osmometer Oven    
P pH Meter Pipet Pipetter Plate Polarimeter
  Pressure Pump      
R Rack Reaction Vessel Reactor Refractometer Refrigerator
S Safety Safety Cabinet Safety Can Safety Container Safety Ear
  Safety Eye Safety Mask Safety Shield Safety Shoe Sampler
  Scissor Seed Gernination Shaker Sieve Spatula & Spoon
  Spectrophotometer Cell Stir Bar Stirrer Magnetic Stirrer Overhead Stopcock
  Stopper Stopwatch / Timer Sublimaion Syringe  
T Tachometer Tape Thermo - Hygrograph Thermometer Tissue Grinder
  Titrator Tong Tool Tray Trays, Chip
  Tube Tubing Tweezer, rubis Tweezer, Vacuum  
U Ultrasonic Cleaner Ultraviolet      
V Vacuum Vial Vibration Isolation Viscometer  
W Wafer Wafer Handling Washer Watch Glass Water Purification
  Wiper Wool      

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